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The big dump
January 6, 2010, 20:36
Filed under: Amsterdam

I entered the sub-terranean basement basketball court in the bowels of the Sports Centrum (aka the exam room) in glorious sunshine this morning, only to exit this afternoon into a postcard. The wind had dropped, the air had warmed (yes, warmed) and there was fresh snow everywhere. And it was still falling, great fluffly chunks of the stuff, and it squeaked when I walked. But oh how dangerous it was for  bicyclists as their tyres loose all traction in such conditions, with many coming to grief in a sprawling tangle of metal and rubber and loads of flying snow.

I had missed the pre-Christmas blitz of cold weather and icy canals due to the mini tour of North Africa and other parts Mediterranean, so it was kinda cool to see this today. I took the overland tram home from the exam venue instead of the much quicker underground Metro, and snapped these pics during the short walk from Centraal to my cell. Oh, and the exam wasn’t too bad either.

Tomorrow, pending a working airport, I head to northern Greece for another short tour of duty, stopping at Berlin and Braunschweig on the way back, via Albania.

Click image to see The Big Dump Flickr set.


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