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Happy 70th birthday, mum
October 14, 2009, 23:28
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All sons think their mother is special. I’m no different. Where I do differ is that I’ve been one of a chosen few to have been brought up by a woman, a mother, a role model, as giving and as sharing, as tolerant and as forgiving, as progressive and as encouraging, as inspiring as caring, as instructive and respectful, and as loving as you.

It’s true, and your 70 now.  I’d wish you’d slow down, but that has always been your way, and that’s your choice. However, if I had a choice,  there is no mother in this world I’d choose above you. I don’t think that person has or will exist. But I’m biased and that cannot be helped.

Which all means that I am special, mostly because of you. I am the man that I am largely due to you (though dad has his different share of infuence of course).  And for this, no utterance of words can capture nor communicate my heartfelt love and thanks for the privlege of being a colt with you as my dam.

I and Tracey did indeed strike the jackpot in the parental lotto draw. Why one waits decades to express such sentiments is a tradgedy. So on this milestone of three score and ten years, i just want to say, it makes me one sure lucky son to be able to say “thank tou for being my mum”.

Happy 70th birthday.



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