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Gallery – a weekend away
October 5, 2009, 17:34
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Forty five euros gets you to England on the overnight ferry/train combo. I went ostensibly to see the last performance of The New World at Shakespeare’s Globe theatre. The play is a biopic about the tumultous life and times of Thomas Paine and his front row seat at both the American and French revolutions – a claim no other man in history can make.

To say it was the best theatrical performance I’ve ever seen would be an understatement. The venue is not of this world, as the photo below suggests. Whirling winds whipped papers from the stage, pigeons descended in the middle of a set piece and waddled about the stage before fleeing in the face of fake gunfire, drizzle momentarily reminded you this was outdoors, and cast members ran through and often jostled with the audience standing in the ‘mosh pit’ as part of the production. Admittedly, I’m studying Paine at the moment as part of a Political Philosophy elective, so there was added interest on my part. Leaving this aside, I fear any drama I see in the future will pale in comparison for I am forever tainted by having seen theatre in the round, outdoors, as it was in Elizabethan times.

The other photos below represent the day-trip to Oxford and a short stopover in Rotterdam (on the way over) and Brussels on the return leg.

Click image for Flickr gallery

Click image for Flickr gallery


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Please take a look at my blog on ‘Uncommon Sense’ the musical based on the life of Thomas Paine. 🙂

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